Servicio técnico integral
para maquinaria


SERKIDE was created with the purpose of offering a quality service to both machine tool manufacturers and end-users.

Our young team of professionals have training and more than 10 years' experience in terms of development, start-up, verification and maintenance.

SERKIDE aims to provide a comprehensive technical service based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the systems used in machinery, with the use of high-quality technical resources to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the end result of the service we provide.

Technical skills

SERKIDE offers a complete and high quality technical service that will be your best resource to minimize dead times generated by machine stops and to ensure their optimal performance.

  • Machinery start-up

  • Transfer and start-up of machinery

  • Relevelling and checking of machinery

  • Repair of automatic, orthogonal and other types of milling heads

  • Verification and correction techniques

  • Regulation and optimization

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Updating and development of new applications for machinery