Politica de Cookies

Legal Notice

What are the cookies?

A cookie is a very small text file that can be placed in the hard disk of a computer to store some kind of the user's information and can only be read by the site that issued the cookie to you. Cookies will never be executable files and may not contain viruses.

What do cookies do?

The cookies do not identify you and are not a risk for your PC or portable device. Cookies are neither a virus nor malware. Cookies are simple tools used be the visited websites to improve your navigation, to secure the transfer of your data through the net, to help us understanding what information of our website is more useful for our users or to know which offers might interest each user. All this is performed in an anonymous manner: we will never know your name, address or phone number unless you facilitate it to us.

You decide whether you accept or decline but if you decide to decline, you can block them using the integrated tool or block them in your browser. Before blocking them, we would like to help you how cookies are used.

For example in serkide.com we use cookies for:

To know your interests for the next time you visit our website and offer you to adapt our content for you (all the content of the website will be available but we will facilitate you to reach the content that is more interesting for you quicker.)

Also to offer you a personalized content.

Besides you must take into account that if you decide not to allow the use of serkide.com cookies we won´t be able to adapt the information that we offer to your interest.

How long will be the cookies active?

Permanent cookies: they expire when they fulfill their purpose or when they are manually erased.

For what purpose do we use cookies in serkide.com?

In serkide.com we use cookies for the following purposes:

Measurement: these cookies allow us understanding how your surf in our website, look what works and what doesn’t, improve the website, calculate how many people visits Serkide.com with the purpose of improving for the user the offered services. This information in anonymous and is only needed for statistical purposes.

In the following table we facilitate all the information about cookies used in serkide.com needed for the user:

__ga 1st party GoogleAnalytics 2 years 02 Analytic

Do you want to unable the cookies in your browser?

Usually the browsers allow cookies by default. When you surf serkide.com you are accepting the use of cookies. Nevertheless only you decide if you want to surf with or without cookies as you can modify your preferences anytime.

This is how you can do it:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Click on Tools and afterwards Internet Options.
  2. Click on the Privacy tab and afterwards move the scroll bar until you reach the level of privacy that you desire. Afterwards click on Accept.
  3. As you move the scroll bar Internet Explorer will show you a description of the type of cookies that are blocked or allowed in each privacy level.


  1. Click on Firefox button and select the tab Options.
  2. Select the Privacy tab.
  3. Firefox allows you to choose a personalized configuration for your History.
  4. Click on Accept to activate cookies and deselect to unable cookies.
  5. Firefox allows you to establish for how long the cookies will be stored:
    1. Store until expiration: the cookie will be erased when reaching the expiration date that is settled by the website that sent the cookie.
    2. Store until closing Firefox: cookies stored in your device will be erased when shutting down Firefox.
    3. Store until “ask always”: shows a warning each time that a website sends a cookie asking you if you accept to store it.
  6. Click on Accept to close the Options window.


  1. Click on Chrome´s Menu in the browser tool´s bar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click on Show advanced Options…
  4. In the Privacy tab, click on the Settings Content´s button.
  5. In the Cookies tab, Chrome allows you to set the following options:
    1. Erase cookies.
    2. How to block cookies by default.
    3. How to allow cookies by default.
    4. Store cookies and data from websites by default until closing the browser.
    5. Include exceptions from cookies from specific domains and websites.


  1. Go to Preferences and, in the Privacy Panel, choose Block Cookies.
  2. Select the option that your prefer:
    1. From advertising and third parties.
    2. Always.
    3. Never.


  1. Access to the Settings tab > Options > Advance > Cookies
    1. Accept cookies: all cookies are accepted by default.
    2. Accept cookies only from the visited website. It rejects cookies from third parties, for external websites from the one visiting.
    3. Never accept cookies. All cookies will be rejected.


  1. In the star screen select Settings > Safari; then choose one of the following actions:
    1. Click on Accept and choose the preferred option:
      1. Never.
      2. Of the visited.
      3. Always.
    2. To erase all Safari cookies, click on Settings > Safari > Erase cookies and data.


  1. Open Android browser, click on Menu and access to the Settings Option.
  2. In the tab Security and Privacy we can activate or unable the checkbox “Accept Cookies”.
  3. Reboot the browser.

Windows Phone

  1. In Internet Explorer, click on More > Settings. You may also access to the Internet Explorer settings through Settings in the applications list.
  2. Select or unselect the option Allow cookies in the phone to allow or block the storage of cookies.